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The tunnel of hope

Go on a journey up tunnel of hope and see a magnificent war tunnel. Get to take a short tour around Sarajevo too!

Sarajevo under the siege

The Siege of Sarajevo is known in the world as the longest modern military siege of a city and lasted 3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

Mostar / UNESCO Tour

The name of the city comes from the word for “bridge keepers” – Mostari who guarded the bridge of the city.

Olympic adventure tour

During the ride you will learn about the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo and the

Visočica Mountain Tour

The tour takes us through the city of Konjic and onto the majestic mountain of

Bosnian Pyramid Tours

Go on a journey up to Bosnian Pyramids and find out could an ancient civilization

The tunnel of hope

Go on a journey up tunnel of hope and see a magnificent war tunnel. Get

Srebrenica Tour

Go on a journey up to Srebrenica and see the suffer off people and hear

The Kravice Waterfall Tours

If Bosnia is one of Europe’s hidden treasures, then Kravice Waterfall would have to be

Vrelo Bosne Tour

Vrelo Bosne is the spring of the river Bosnia located southwest of Sarajevo in the

Olympic Bobsleigh track tour

Go on a journey up to 1984 Bobsleigh Track and see a magnificent view of

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Tour Reviews


Sarajevo Walking Tour

The tour was awesome, as well as our guide, he showed us Sarajevo’s most important sites, I learned a lot about history of Sarajevo, and visited some beautiful places.


Sarajevo under the siege

Group of four, we were on a War tour and had a great day with Adi. He showed us around town, and told us some personal stories about war time and his experiences. Highly recommended.